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European Studies
Robert Austin

Jan 11 - Versailles, Paris Peace Treaties January-11-11 11:01 AM WW1: July 28, 1914- November 11, 1918 P.P.C (1919-1920) Run by the entente (U.S.A, France, G.B, with Italy as a junior partner) -Obligations of P.P.C: 1. Restore B.O.P 2. reduce influence of Germany and redistribute former German Sphere of influence and prevent Soviet influence. -1919 was different than 1815 (congress of Vienna) because 1919 was revolutionary whereas 1815 was a return to the status quo -A dictated peace. A break from past peace treaties. Germans humiliated. No negotiations. -The treaty with Germany based on the 14 Points. German repercussions: (Versailles Treaty) -Loses 30k square miles, 7 million people -Alsace-Lorraine back to France -Land returned to Belgium, Czechs -Biggest change was its eastern frontier (Polish corridor) and its return to Poland Austrian repercussions: (St Germain) - fundamentally changed, huge territorial loses -Austria and Hungary the two countries that suffer most from P.P.C/WW1. No longer Austria-Hungary, Francis Joseph dead -Emergence of a Czechoslovakia comes from the remains of Austria-Hungary -They lose Slovenia, South T
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