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European Studies
Robert Austin

EUR200 Lecture 14 German Unification Austria-Hungarian Empire, not Austro-Hungarian German Unification is considered to be the most important diplomatic act of the 19th century. Denmark is an issue for German unification as well as Austria and France. These conflicts have massive ramifications for German unification and for Bismarck’s plans for Germany. Bismarck is a hypochondriac and is a spiteful person. He is plagued by stomach problems as well. He dislikes parliament and liberal ideals, believing both are unnecessary for German unification. The creation of Italy is largely a result of intervention on the part of the Great Powers. Bismarck unifies Germany through a series of smaller steps. The German Federation and the Zolverhine are used by Bismarck to undermine Austrian influence in the German states. Prussia is in a much better position to integrate Germany than Austria. Prussia’s economy is much stronger, and as such is much more developed than Austria. Austria appears as anachronistic, and its ruling family is seen as being run by fools. Militarily as well Austria is far behind, having only a small army. Prussia on the other hand is an army with a state. Bismarck fights only defensive wars, slowly baiting his opponents into declaring war. He never starts a war. There is a dispute between Denmark and the soon to be unified German states. They disagree over the control of two provinces called Schleswig and Holstein, that are located between Denmark and Germany. There are two German solutions, little G
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