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FAH230H1 Lecture Notes - Antonello Da Messina, San Giobbe, Pastoral Concert

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Giancarla Periti

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Renaissance Venetian Art Venice in the sixteenth century: Giorgione, Titian and the notion of
Entered inside Paris
Jacopo de Barbari, View of Benice, 1500, woodcut
View of city of Venice
Shows The distinctiveness of the city of Venice
A city funded on an island, main transportation are canals, the city is surrounded by the
lagoon (natural defence)
By boat direly to the area around the Basilica of ST. Mark (the center)
Distinctive geographic location: space is limited, building of Venice has to rise up which
is very different all the other cities
The south sea: the climate is very humid and damp , in terms of works of art, fresco was
never painted dry in summer and humid in winter bad for keeping fresco
Oil on canvas panel
Giovanni Bellini, San Giobbe
Centre of trade, wealthy citizens, main centre for book production.
When encountered in the pass: printing culture technique (durer + Raimondi)
Giovanni - came from a family of artists
All the Saints are set against mosaics; the church look alive as Venetian church, Oil on
Saint Frances, showing ? in his hand in showing the viewer in this painting, The altar
piece within the frame, when removed in church and transferred to museum, mostly
frame are lost
The tonal unity of the colour the governs the entire altarpiece
Newest and most modern ways to organized the saints surrounding the Madonna and
the child, in a kind of very different conventional fashion in Venice
o Pala d’Oro – multiple panels with multiple pieces
Artists unify the space and recreate the space around the protagonist
Antonello da Messina, Enthroned Madonna and Child with Saints for San Cassiano
Fragment of the original altarpiece
The surrounding architecture as church
In same technique oil on panel
Sisley Introduce and educated people
More or less were produced the same time, and the kind of role display by St Frances
and the believers invited people to meditate
Giorgione, Castelfranco Altarpiece, ca. 1504-5
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An altarpiece in his hometown not for the main altar but for the side chapel
Vasari: connection between Leonardo and this young artist, and the interest in the
landscape + the soft manner we see
Comparison: younger artists transformity of Leonardo but also he knew Bellini’s work,
the thrown , the saint surrounding the Madonna;
Difference: Madonna has been placed in a very high thrown
Bellini: in a church structure; Giorgione: landscape
His painting si very innovative and important
Controversy in the subject of the painting
Thundering cloud and light, dark sky in the background
A topic of intense speculation of art historians
A naked women nursing a baby in a landscape
In front of her is a standing male figure: German soldier, look at her but not taken by the
women, the first initial thought was a women but unknown substitute by the male
Landscape: bridge and city, and sudden shift of weather
Sleeping Venus
Mythological subject Venus: naked, beautiful
Sleep in the landscape
A subject kept in a private space and enjoy within the elites sophisticated circle
A cupid was repainted
The equal and curve of Venus resonance with the landscape
Attribution: most think it is a Giorgione work; Titian intervened, (worked with
Giorgione) ; what we had a master and a young Titian
Portrait of a Young Woman
Only painting by Giorgione with date
Looking outside and set against aloral (trees) Laura
Painting within the context of wedding
Potential right to show up with her pose and luxurious coat red cloth and fur
The tender flash of her skin
Comparison: Portrait of an Old Woman
The effect of time had actually produced
Col tempo = with time
The object of beauty and desire and be transfer by time
Not the same women
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