FAH230H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Guelphs And Ghibellines, Antonio Rossellino, Sacristy

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7 Apr 2016

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Ghiberti, Donatello and the art of sculpture in 15 th
C. Italy
Florence, Baptistery of San Giovanni. (St. John)
Ghiberti, Baptism of Christ. 1416-19. Bronze with gliding
Ghiberti, North Doors of the Florence Baptistery
Ghiberti, Gates of Paradise (east doors), Baptistery,
Florence, 1424-52) - also placed Self-Portrait onto door.
All made in the same site
28 years to finish commission (1424-52)
34 figurative elements (10 biblical stories and 24 statuettes of
biblical figures and ornaments)
Ghiberti began to adopt linear perspective for certain biblical
oAdam and Eve on East door – cannot measure the
space, multiple narratives, uses linear perspective to
allow the work of art as an extension of our reality.
oJacob and Esau on East door – viewer needs to stand
at specific place to see the linear perspective working.
o“strove to imitate nature as clearly as I could, and
with all the perspective that I could produce, to have
excellent compositions with many figures” - Ghiberti
Interior of door shows how Ghiberti renovated the exterior.
When Gates of Paradise was finished, they installed it on
the east (face the cathedral – key monument) instead of
Florence, Orsanmichele exterior. Begun in 1337.
Official guild site in Florence.
Guilds became a critical part of the structure of the city,
decided to give a niche for each guild.
oIf they didn’t fill in the niches (government gave niches
in 1406) with decorations, they would have to give the
space back.
Interior – like a church, religious site that was connected with
the economic purpose.
Lorenzo Ghiberti, St John the Baptist for the Calimala (wool
merchants guild), bronze, 2.55. 1410.
oDoesn’t have any iconographic of St. John. (pyramids,
oDid not do anything with the exterior structure of niche.
(which is marble while sculpture is bronze)
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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