FAH230H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Giorgio Vasari, Lorenzo Ghiberti, Antonio Manetti

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7 Apr 2016

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Renaissance Art and Architecture
Renaissance = rebirth/renewal of art and disciplines (around
Took place in Florence
Artists were studying examples of classic art of Roman/Greek
Cathedral area
Religious center
Only one cathedral (seat of the bishop)
Baptistery of San Giovanni
Used for rite of Baptism into a Christian Church
Separate building from the cathedral (St. John)
Sacrifice of Isaac, 1401-1402, 53x44 cm. Bronze with gilding,
Florence, Bargello. (Lorenzo Ghiberti, Filippo Brunelleschi)
Competition, assign the commission (funded by Wool
Merchants’ Guild of Florence) of the door of the baptistery to
the best artist
Has Quatrefoil frame, to make it more modern.
Referenced from The Thorn Puller, 1 c. BCE Rome,
Capitoline. Roman Antiquity
oLorenzo Ghiberti (the winner)
In the muscles and bust, translated the same
features from The Thorn Puller to his work.
Produced the scene as a unit, and then was
attached to the frame. (Lighter, just one block and
not in pieces)
“To me was given the palm of victory by all the
experts and by all those who had competed with
me… To all it seemed that I had at the time
surpassed the others without exception.
oFilippo Brunelleschi
Translate moment of emotional turmoil the man
(the character in the scene) experienced
A direct quotation on The Thorn Puller in the
right bottom corner.
“both models were very beautiful and for their
part they were unable to put one ahead of the
other. – Antonio Manetti, Life of Brunelleschi,
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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