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FAH246H1 Lecture Notes - Great Salt Lake, Spiral Jetty, Tilted Arc

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Mark Cheetham

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FAH246: November 21 Lecture
Entropy: the extension and extinction of energy in a system ; the dissolution of any organization within a
system to disorganization
Smithson - spiral jetty, great salt lake, Utah, 1970
- worried about polluting spiral jetty
- tries to locate his work right in nature but still near and close to industrial area and the golden
spike - golden state national park
- chose a very remote and naturally beautiful sight, not pristine however
- not trying to hide this work
- "fragments of a timeless geology laugh without mirth at the time-filled hopes of ecology" -
- behaves like a natural elements, was submerged under sea level and recently reemerged
- made a film about its construction and wrote an essay called spiral jetty
Nancy Holt - Sun Tunnels, 1973
- huge culverts
- 18 by 19 feet
- they bring the sky or heavens down to earth
- catch the light of the sun and project constellations
- isn't just an earth work but also an interplanetary work
- built during US and Russian space exploration are at its height
Ana Mendieta - Guabanvex, Goddess of the Wind Form, 1981
- created many similar pieces
Smithson- Towards the development of a cinema cavern, 1971
- literally an underground cinema of a miner progressing through a cavern
Mendieta - Silueta, 1977
- large series done in the US
- use her own body to make shapes in sand
- water would come in and blend pigments and eventually wash piece away
- about the relationship between the body and the earth
Christo and Jeanne Claude - Running Fence, California 1976
- long piece running across hilly area of California
- this was going to be a disruptive piece to farmers
- about social negotiation - allowing them to use their land
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- not solely an alteration of the earth
Richard Serra - Tilted Arc, 1981
- large and purposefully obstructive metal structures
- across a plaza for an office building
- unpopular piece, didn't see it as art but just something that got in their way
- felt insecure, created wind vectors
- politicians said to take it down
- 1989 finally took it out, had it destroyed because Serra said it could not be moved
The Penultimate Lecture: 10 artists since the 1980's
Warhol, Richter, Snow, Wodiczko
Warhol knew what would sell and what people wanted to see
- when from famous people (Marilyn Monroe)
Marilyn Diptych - 1962
- liked the ones which came out different
- repetitive but still different
Brillo box, 1964
- made to look like those boxes not actually boxes
- -making philisophical points about culture
- -Warhol self portraits
- he was constantly looking at celebrity
- he is also constantly distancing that individuality
- making his own image well known but also distancing himself from it
Self portrait, 1979
- first artist to use Polaroid a lot because of its instant result
- very interested in technique and technology
- by the 80's he was on the up again
- in the 60's he was huge!
Self portrait, 1986
- female alterego
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