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Fin240 Notes - February 4 2013 Bjornstjerne Bjornson - born 1832 - journalist - politician (with fine rhetorics) - nationalist (bondemaal adaptation of national language - first Norwegian Nobel Prize for Literature 1903 National Romantic Poet - national consciousness - peasant tales - description of nature Realist at the times of the Modern Breakthrough - rights of women - marriage - double standards National Consciousness Dikte og Sange (1870) - key figure was the peasant, custodian for the spiritual, moral, and existential traditional values - "viking virtues" powerful but undemonstrative feeling - strength of will and purpose -stern self-discipline - loyalty to kinsmen and friends - ruthlessness in a just cause in necessary Nationalist Agenda - create a language of the country's own - create texts, music, plays, art: a culture of one's own - distinct from the neighbours or from the governing country - figure out a history of one's own: mythology, kingdom, peasant life, folksongs, etc. Praising the Nature Social Issues - Interest in domestic drama "drama of the middle-class life" - 1865 "De Nygifte (Engl. ALesson in Love) - 1875 on: ▯ - home, marriage, sexual relations, parents and children, education of the young and the right
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