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Fin240 - January 28 August Strindberg - acquired the reputation of "women hater" - in the first part of the collection, he is positive towards women - in the preface of Married, he attacks Ibsen and ADoll's House ▯ - he also sets out his ideas of women's rights - met future first wife in 1875 ▯ - divorced in 1891 - he was an extremely jealous person, bordering on pathological ▯ - started questioning his wife endlessly - AMadman's Defense: work where he talks about his relationship from the beginning to the end - a lot of his work is semi-autobiographical - came from a lower-class family and was part of society very early - he became wealthy, and never felt at-home in the middle-class society - most of his work is based on the faults of the middle-class society - in the beginning he is almost continuing the work of Bremer - very pro-feminism, but after the publication of Married (Arsa) he had to go to court, and the police tried to destroy all of the copies of the book that had been published - 1849-1912 - married 3 times - took themes from his own life - relationships with women were troubled - had uncommon insight into the hypocrisy of his society's gender expectations, sexual behaviors, and morality Themes - marriage and family - prostitution and morality - unjust traditional roles of the sexes imposed by society - Ibsen's ADoll's House Women's Rights by Strindberg - the right to same education as men - boys and girls attend the same schools - girls have the freedom to run wild and choose what company she pleases - complete equality of the sexes - women shall have the right
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