Lecture 3: Stumpage & Forest Value

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13 Jan 2011

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Us & canada: us has 10x"s the pop. of canada, & similar consumption patterns, though slightly less forested area, hence much greater demand for forest products www. notesolution. com. Us public land is mostly managed by the feds, which uses the market to determine stumpage prices vs. 93% of canadian forests are publicly owned. Canadian public land is mostly managed by the provinces, uses administered stumpage prices o public forests in the us level of harvest/timing is @ discretion of appropriate fed agency, usu. the forest. Us & canada a closer look @ on: 89% of on"s forest are owned by the crown. >75% of algonquin provincial park) the ontario ministry of natural resources (omnr) is responsible for forest management by the province, incl. sustainability & wood supply. On"s laws governing the management of crown forests can be found in the crown forest sustainability act stumpage in on: on requires stumpage payments from it"s license holders, which incl.