FOR200H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Emerald Ash Borer, Great Bear Rainforest, Quercus Suber

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15 Aug 2016
FOR200 Week 1
Know general trends, not actual %s
Canada’s Forests in the Global Context
Understanding Forests that are close to home
Proposed pipeline route would travel through Great Bear Rainforest in Canada 
threatens species
Ice storm: cost for clean up associated with trees that were killed/damaged
Asian Long Horn Beetle/ Emerald ash borer - remove ash trees to stop the spread of the
What is a Forest?
Based on first course reading - three main points:
The area has to be o.5 ha in size (half of King’s College Circle)
Land has to be covered with trees (canopy, foliage)/ have a tree crown cover of at
least/greater than 10%
Trees must reach greater than/ equal to 5m at maturity
-Forest: Young natural stands and all plantations established for forestry purposes which
have yet to reach a crown density of 10% or tree height of 5m (we expect it to reach
expectations in the future)
oAreas normally forming part of the forest area which are temporarily unstocked as
a result of human intervention or natural causes but which are expected to revert
to forest (cleared land is said to be a forest because it could be in the future) have
restoration plans
- Forest nurseries and seed orchards that constitute an integral part of the forest
- Forest roads, cleared tracts, firebreaks and other small open areas within the forest
- Forest in national parks, nature reserves and other protected areas
- Windbreaks and shelterbelts of trees with an area of more than 0.5 ha and a width of
more than 20m
- Rubber wood plantations and cork oak stands
- Depending on what sources or organizations you read from, the result will vary
- These definitions and data can have important impacts on:
oTimber inventories (annual allowable cut/how much we think we can cut down),
oForest conservation initiatives (we should be conserving 12% of total forest area),
oForest carbon accounting
Canada Role in Global Forests Governance
- International year of forests – 2011
- Influences by the decisions we make
- How we factor into the world  7000 years ago compared to 2005. Roughly half of
original forest cover remains today (4 billion ha). Much lost in past 3 decades. As of
2010, Canada holds 7-9% of remaining forests (310 million ha)
- Canada has the 3rd or 4th most forest area worldwide
oNot homogenous
oHas 67% softwood/coniferous, hardwood/ broadleaf (11%), Mixedwood (16%),
Non-treed (6%) forests
find more resources at
find more resources at
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