FOR200H1 Lecture 1: FOR200 Week 1 continued

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15 Aug 2016
FOR200 Week 1
Forest Regions in Canada
- Canada holds 10% of the world’s forests and 25% of the world’s remaining frontier forest
Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Forests
- 2nd largest forest type in Canada
- 6.6% of Canada’s forest land
- Extends from S.E Manitoba, into Great Lakes region of Ontario, east to the Gaspe
- Transitional forest: coniferous forest in the North and deciduous forest in the South
- Mixed coniferous – deciduous species
- Between 60-100 tree species
- Mostly provincial ownership (76.6%) in Quebec and Ontario
Important Species:
- Sugar maple – up to 30% of trees in central Ontario forests
- Eastern white pine – characteristic “old-growth” species (tall)
Broadleaf/ Deciduous Species
- Poplars, Birches, Beech, Maples
Coniferous/ Evergreen Species
- Pines, Spruce, Balsam fir
Conservation Concerns:
- Commercial timber harvesting & urban expansion
Boreal Forests
- Largest forest type in Canada (260 million ha)
- Almost 35% of Canada’s entire land area
- 77% of Canada’s total forest area
- Canada contains 30% of the world’s boreal forests
- Boreal holds nearly 50% of the world’s frontier forests
- Ownership – mostly provincial in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Important Species:
- Broadleaf/ Deciduous Species: Poplars, Birch, Willow, Alder
- Coniferous/ Evergreen Species: Spruce, Larch, Pine
Conservation Concerns:
- Commercial timber harvesting, mining and mineral extraction, hydroelectric dams,
carbon storage
Carolinian Forests
- Smallest forest type in Canada
- 0.1% of Canada’s total forest area
- Most species-rich forest type (70 tree species)
- Often considered most threatened (less than 10% remains)
- Ownership – 91% provincial in Ontario
Important Species:
Broadleaf/ Deciduous Species
- Ashes, Oaks, Maples, Hickory, Black walnut, Tulip tree, Kentucky coffee tree, Blue
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