FOR200H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Urban Forest, Species Richness, Emerald Ash Borer

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15 Aug 2016
FOR200 Week 7
Forests in Settled Landscapes: Urban and Peri-urban Forests
- 78% of Canadians live in urban centres. Urban centres are expanding rapidly
- Agents of forest loss in Canada: urban expansion and agricultural conversion
Importance of Urban Forests
- Canadians are increasingly becoming isolated from experiences of natural forests, as well
as the destructive patterns and processes
- Primary interface between humans and forests is in the urban or peri-urban forests
- Urban forest conservation, restoration, and management is critical component to
Canadian forest conservation  social sustainability
- Urban Forest: a dense, widespread growth of trees and other plants covering an area of a
- Urban Forestry: planning, designing and management of trees and forest stands with
amenity values, situated in or near urban areas
- Peri-Urban Forests: forest on the fringe of urban settlements. Treed areas in otherwise
agricultural settings. They are there to provide a specific function – water cycling, water
purification, planted as windbreaks or shelter
Toronto Forest Cover
- Toronto has roughly 10 million trees
- 28% canopy cover, goal is to increase 30-40%  by increasing the number of trees that
are planted and decrease the number of trees that are removed
- Either private or municipal ownership  6.1 million trees on private property (60%), 0.6
million city street trees (6%), 3.5 million trees in city parks/natural areas (34%)
Value of Toronto’s Forests
Toronto’s urban forest valued at roughly:
$7 billion structural value - based on the cost of replanting every tree with a similar one
Over $1 billion per year functional value - based on the functions the tree performs –
ecosystem services
Ecosystem Services
- Sequestering air pollutants
- Energy conservation through transpirational cooling, shade, and wind reduction
- Storm-water attenuation
- Psychological well being – as the species richness increases, the measures of
psychological well being also increases. More diverse = more active brain
- Human health – more tree cover within 50m of house, there is a small reduction in birth
rate. Emerald ash borer was associated with deaths of the lower respiratory system and
cardiovascular related deaths
- Human behaviour – more trees = less crime
- Increased property value – areas with lower tree cover have lower property values
- Diversity criteria is a good management tool  for every 5 species there should be no
more than 10 species that have the same genus name, and no more than 20 that are in the
same family
find more resources at
find more resources at
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