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Lecture 4: Forest Values & Ranking Forest Projects

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Lecture 4: Forest Values & Ranking Forest Projects Forest Values & Forest Ethics two approaches o instrumental approaches-humans are the basis of moral agency, forests have value if they provide things we value, this dominates Euro-American (EA) thought o non-anthropocentric-humanity not the root of moral agency, forests have a value in itself, forests have values for humans as well as other living beings, forests have value for the existence of life on earth utilitarianism: accord. to Jeremy Benthan, maximize the greatest good for the greatest number o but questions raised: but arent somethings rightwrong regardless of the consequences how to quantify happiness how to consider everyones happiness but most ppl live far from forests, & get more pleasure from the products which come from the forest than the forest itself o unofficial basis for all EA public policy deontology: the ethics of duty & rights o began with Kant, focus of ethics are principles upon which we act, not the consequences o we are ethical when we are rational, & we are rational
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