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Lecture 1

FOR400Y1 Lecture 1: FOR400Y - Lecture 1 Developing Sustainable Forest Bioenergy Production Systems

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Ning Yan

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FOR400Y - Lecture 1: Developing Sustainable Forest Bioenergy Production Systems: The
Role of Adaptive Management (Tat Smith)
Sept 18, 2017
- Why consider developing sources of forest bioenergy?
- How is forest management expected to evolve to accommodate long-term increased use
of wood for energy?
- Changes over time?
- What biomass harvesting and/or procurement guidelines have been developed?
- All management activities have to be in context of sustainability
- What is the potential role for certification and other non-governmental sustainability
Importance of Adaptive Forest Management and certification systems
Why Forest Bioenergy?
- Climate is changing
- Metrics/drivers for climate change showing dangerous trends
- Atmospheric CO2
- Changing pH of water
- Consequences for shellfish, reefs, coral
- Snow cover decreasing
- Arctic ice decreasing
- Upper ocean heat content increasing
- Sea level rises
- Changing our lifestyle to pull trends back is fundamental to trying to change society so
that footprint and net emissions is less
- 4th assessment report
- Mitigation technologies include, afforestation, reforestation, forest management,
reduced deforestation, harvest wood product management, use of forestry
products for bioenergy
- Having carbon stored in harvested wood products
- LCA (life-cycle assessment)
- Compares things with reference systems (i.e. using coal, natural gas, oil)
- LCA shows largest mitigation benefit derived when manage forests sustainably
- Grow forest until some maturity, harvest, then get carbon storage
- If just leave forest indefinitely, the carbon they store will be lost as they
- Financial incentives to increase use of production systems important
- In some cases don’t have viable business
- This is why Europeans in particular are having subsidies to bring wood pellets
from North America to offset their carbon use
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