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Lecture 2

FOR400Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: National Parks Act (Canada), United States Forest Service, Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

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Ning Yan

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FOR400Y - Lecture 2: Using Ecological Integrity & Silviculture to Guide Forest
Restoration: Tackling the Norway Maple Problem (Eric Davies)
Sept 25, 2017
- Using Ecological Integrity
Ecological Integrity
Aldo Leopold
- Don’t hear his name in ecology and evolutionary biology
- Codified ethic for nature
- Darwin of conservation
What is Ecological Integrity
- EX: Human health is hard to define (physiological, mental)
- Standard framework for measuring ecosystem health
- 4 main categories:
- Biodiversity (plants animals, fungi)
- Biodiversity collects together to form ecosystem
- Health of ecosystem harder to sustain
- Ecosystem Services
- Resilience
- Buzz Holling?
- Resistance = Ability to resist to change
- Ability to bounce back from change
How is Ecological Integrity used in Policy
- 2005 UN Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
- How to measure nature in terms of ecosystem services
- Philosophy and conservation
- Australia went Rogue early on
- Need to manage ecosystems for health
- Intrinsic life to live
Provincial Parks Act
- Ecological integrity should be the first priority
Canada National Parks Act
- Ecological integrity should be the first priority
- When build road, build campsite, restore sites
CBC News Article
- Parks Canada report
- Good, fair, poor system
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