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Lecture 16

FOR400Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Newsprint, Sustainable Development Goals, Softwood

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Ning Yan

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FOR400Y - Lecture 16: Forest Products
March 5, 2018
Canadian Institute of Forestry
- Established in 1908
- Oldest forest in Canada
- National voice of forest practitioners by representing the broad spectrum of foresters in
- Interdisciplinary and inclusive
- Focus on public awareness of national and international forestry issues
Speaking Out
- Logging in Algonquin PArk
- Clearing the Air not the forest
- Toys R Us Commercial
- Bioenergy Policies in Canada
- Great Bear Rainforest
- TD Paper consumption
Public Awareness
- National forest week
- Teachers’ forestry tours
- Field tours & workshops happening across the country
Competency Training
- For those working in forestry sector
- For professional development
- Workshops & tech sessions (work on drones and UAVs)
- Emerging tools in technology
- A lot of work on steep-slope harvesting technology
- In Ontario is a course called “Tree Marking”
- Electronic Lectures
- Timely and topical themes and challenges in forestry
- Free access
- The Forestry Chronicle
Student Value
- Student needs different from professionals
- Student Quiz Bowl
- Field Tours
- Silver Ring Program
- Prince of Wales Forest Leadership Award
- New award endorsed by Prince
- $12 000 scholarship
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