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Lecture 1 - Intro to Course/Cultural Studies

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FCS195 – Lecture 1 11-11-20 8:08 PM Cultural studies Goal: Give a more complete idea of national cultures.  France • Litterature • Fashion • Art • Music • Etc Culture: • A way of life • Expression of certain meanings and values at a given place and time i.e. punk culture = hair, fashion, music etc…  romanticism = music, painting, art, etc Course themes How cultural movements are created and how they are interdependent. We will be using blackboard for powerpoint presentations and all handed documents. I can read all the original texts in French if I want. Exams and midterms The final exam will mostly go over (90%) second semester material. The midterm will cover everything up until that point. Assignments Make sure to never email my work and if I ever do, to put the course code on it. Brief political history (1789-1968) 1789 French Revolution • Declaration of human rights • Beheading the king = Symbolic of refusing monarchy 1792 1ere république • Ending a long history of Catholic monarchy • Slogan de la république = “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” • Very chaotic because it was a new system 1804 1er empire (Napoléon 1er) • Expansion of the national territory through several wars • Napoléon was a general and wanted to conquer 1814 Restauration • Reestablishment of monarchy 1830-1870 Invasion of Algeria 1830-1848 Reign of Louis Philippe 1er 1848 2eme république • Followed by a popular government insurrection. 1852 Second Empire (Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte ou Napoléon III) 1870-1871 Franco-Prussian War • Loss of the Alsace-Lorraine region to Germany 1870 Third Republic 1870-1871 Famine in Paris 1871 La Commune • Proletarian Revolution in the streets of Paris 1894-1906 The Dreyfus affair • Accused of espionnag
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