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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 - Impressionist Visions & Post-Impressionists

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FCS195 – Lecture 5 11-11-20 8:13 PM Post-impressionism is not a movement per se. Impressionist visions & post-impressionists Édouard Manet Édouard Manet is the beginning of Impressionism (his first paintings are not impressionist yet) Olympia (1863) • The woman is not Venus (the god) and it was therefore ok to be naked and she is not an odalisque • The woman in the painting also depicted a famous actress at the time • That woman played in a play called Olympia and her character is a woman who plays men for money • Impressionism focuses very much on the play of light and some parts of her body look almost erased Luncheon on the grass (1863) • Refuses to choose what is more important (from a perspective POV) and chooses to go against the idea of people in the back of the frame are “less important” • Was considered indecent because a naked woman was eating with dressed men • Impressionists choose to depict small things that were somewhat “less important” The Balcony (1869) • Shows the lady putting on a glove (this was considered unimportant) • A bar at the folies-bergère (1882) • This is entirely impressionist • It is not considered a portrait because there is more behind her • They want to capture the idea of a place • There is a contrast because the woman is tired and bored and everyone else is having fun • Impressionists do not care about lines, they will use much larger brush strokes Claude Monet • Because of Impression sunrise, a critic coined the term “impressionism” because we only saw the impression of a sunrise but we do not see a real sunrise, it is too blurry Impression sunrise (1872) • Nothing is recognizable per se but we can recognize a few things Haystacks (1891) • Interested in the light and how light reflects on it • We see the haystack express emotions due to the different ways it is depicted Rouen Cathedral (1894) • Made 20 different ones • You can see how the light/weather affects the cathedral • Darker colours = sadness  light colours = happy Impressions • Catching a fleeting sensation o Imminent disappearance  sunrise or sunset o Because of imminent disappearance, you needed to paint it very fast o They would paint small canvases because it was hard to paint a huge canvas very quickly • Analogy between the painted subject and the painting style o Speed of execution • Personal vision of a constantly changing reality o Importance of observation • It is not what is depicted that is important but the emotions that are conveyed due to the way it is portrayed Houses of parliament (1904) • Waterlilies (1916-1919) • They are interested in painting the way they see it  sometimes your sense of space is distorted and they will not try to fix it Shaking up the salon (1863) • More then half of the paintings submitted to the Salon were declined • There were riots and a second salon was opened and called the “Salon des Refusés”  this “Salon des Refusés” actually saw more people then the salon because they seemed much more interesting since they were declined Auguste Renoir • Much more urban then Monet La Loge (The watch) (1874) • Contrast with the light is stricking The swing (1876) • Interested in the way the light falls through the trees Moulin de la galette (1876) • Intere
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