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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 - Le Cinéma

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FCS195 - Lecture 11 02/12/2011 09:07:00 Le Cinéma France is where the technology of cinema began. Cinématographe was the first projector for film invented by the Lumière Bros. At first, cinema was a way to document reality.There was no sound and no colour. 1920’s = golden age of the silent movie Silent movies • Cards would have text on them • They would hire a live pianist in the cinema to add music End of the 20’s • Added sound to cinema • It was seen as an art o People thought that adding sound would be the end of cinema  cinema would therefore die as an art • Georges Méliès • Uses the technology developed to entertain people • He was a magician before cinema • He creates the first “special effects” • Creates the first movies with actors and plots • One of his works is “A trip to the moon” 1902 o This was considered a very long movie (10 minutes) o Because there was no sound, actors needed to exaggerate things very much Fritz Lang, Metropolis • One of the first people with cards in the movie Jean Renoir • Did adaptations from popular novels • Did artistic movies The Rules of the Game o This movie was about th
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