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Napoleonic Era

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Corina Sandu

FCS 195HLECTURE IITHE NAPOLEONIC ERAarguably Napolon is one of the most memorable and most outstanding figures of modern European political history Napolon stands out for a number of reasons1his influence was not restricted to the political domainit spilled over into the cultural domain into literature into art and fashion2unlike many others Napolon was very quickly elevated to the status of myth even during his lifetime many historians have pointed out that the legend or myth of Napolon began even before he became ruler of FranceNapolon first made his mark as a military commandereven before he became ruler of France Napolon was a supremely skilled propagandist who constantly managed to exploit his military successes and in a very shrewd fashion to conceal or at least to minimizehis military defeatseven a cursory look at the art of the period bears this outthe question is how Napolon presented himself in terms of Napoleonic iconography and how his image was reinvented beginning with the period of the Hundred Days once again the span of time between his leaving exile on Elba and his defeat at Waterloo1 high culturalNeoClassical representations of Napolonall of these representations would have been either commissioned or sanctioned by the Emperor himselfthe artists represented JacquesLouis David Antoine Gros Dominique Ingres JeanBaptiste Corot and Girodet de RoucyTrioson among others were all part of the Neoclassical movement which had begun in the second half of the eighteenth century and which dominated painting sculpture and architecture until it was displaced by the Romantic thmovement in the early years of the 19 centurythe paintings we looked at in class follow in roughly chronological order the career of Napolon before his exile to ElbaANTOINE GROSLA BATAILLE DES PYRAMIDESSEE SLIDE ONBLACKBOARD
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