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Romantic Movement

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Corina Sandu

FCS195 LECTURE IIITHE ROMANTIC MOVEMENTthe 19th century is a particularly complex one from several points of view and the numerous political upheavals which marked this century of revolution were echoed in the literary and artistic changes which accompanied themfrom 1800 to 1900 France lived through seven different political rgimes the Consulate the Empire the Restoration the July Monarchy the Second Republic the Second Empire and the Third Republicwith these changes in rgime came a number of changes in Frances international status thclearly the political climate in the 19 century was often an unstable one to say the leasthowever within this instability it is possible to discern a movement on the part of the French people themselves towards a more democratic form of government which of course had been the dream of the leaders of the French Revolution a dream which went very badly wrong at the end of the th18 centurythinterestingly many of the most prominent 19 century writers were deeply involved in the political rgimes under which they livedAlphonse de Lamartine and Victor Hugo were both members of parliament and Lamartine even became the leader of the interim government in 1848at the end of the century the novelist mile Zola was to become involved in an enormous political scandal which rocked France to its foundations social questions also became a major preoccupation both in the political sphere and within the various artistic communities which developed ththroughout the 19 century and many writers both felt and reflected the influence of social thinkers ththe 19 century was a time profoundly marked by scientific and industrial changedevelopments in science and in industry advances in transportation shipping publishing were not only bringing an influx of people into the large urban areasfortunes were being made social conditions were changing and a whole new class the bourgeoisie was coming into its own and bringing with it a radical restructuring of French societyas the middle class became more influential in the political sphere it also transformed the sort of literature which was being produced
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