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Corina Sandu

CARICATUREFROM DAUMIER TO DREYFUSWhat is caricaturesee PowerPoint slidesoFROM THE POPULAR LATINCARICARETO EXAGGERATEooA SIMPLIFICATIONoEXAGGERTION BUT STILL RECOGNIZABLEoPOLITICAL COMMENTARYoSOMETIMES HUMOROUSoSOMETIMES MORALIZINGoDONE QUICKLYMASSPRODUCED in historical terms the first instance of the use of the word itself goes thback to the 17 century but the tradition predates that use by many centuriesin preRevolutionary France caricatures were made available to the public in printers shops sold in the streets by hawkers and transported to the outlying regions of France by the colporteurs in spite of the fact that these caricatures did not bear the official stamp which was necessary for any publication and for this reason ran the risk of being seized by the authoritiesinterestingly increased production of political caricatures always characterizes periods of crisis and as technology improved and the printing process became cheaper and easier caricatures appear more and more frequently first in pamphlets and later in the illustrated pressboth the revolutionary and the antirevolutionary royalist press of the time are full of caricatures to the point that caricature becomes a political language of its ownthe July Monarchy saw an enormous production of caricatures in part because of the political climate but also because by the 1840s technology had progressed to the point where caricatures could be produced not only in pamphlet form but also became an integral part of the periodical pressthe bestknown of these periodicals is undoubtedly Le Charivari which means the making of a tumultuous noise public unrest etc which was founded by Charles Philipon in 1832 and which lasted almost until the turn of the century the paper had an impressive team of very gifted artists who produced these satires including Grandville Gavarni Cham and perhaps most importantly Honor Daumier 18081879
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