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University of Toronto St. George
Tim Robinson

STUDENT GUIDELINES FOR FSL COURSES The guidelines below are designed to offer you the best French learning experience possible by ensuring that all students are provided with the same learning opportunities and evaluation measures in a course appropriate to their level of French at registration. Placement Test 1) If this is your first FSL or FRE course in the Department, you should have already taken the Placement Test ( The only exception is students with no previous French experience – classroom-based or other – who will enroll in FSL100; 2) You must be registered in the course recommended by the Test. It is not possible to take a lower level course in order to ‘brush up’. Your instructor will verify your Test results during the first week of class. If you have registered in a course other than the one recommended by the Test, you will be required to withdraw. Courses 3) No auditing is allowed in FSL courses. This applies to students on waiting lists; 4) Native or fluent speakers of French are excluded from all FSL courses with the exception of those needing to improve their written or oral skills who must request permission from the Associate Chair, Undergraduate studies to enroll in FSL442 or 443; 5) No laptops or recording devices are allowed. E-mailing, chatting, cell phone calls or any other non-course-related activity disrupts the learning environment and thus is not allowed. Assignments, tests and overall evaluation 6) Due dates for assignments are indicated in the course syllabus the first week of class. It is students’ responsibility to be aware of these. Extensions can only be considered with justification and must be requested and granted before the due date. A late penalty of 4% per day will be assigned to all late assignments. All late assignments will be refused after ten days inclusive following the hand-in date (see the Arts & Science Academic Handbook); 7) Assignments must be submitted to your instructor in person. Do not slip assignments under your instructor’s door, as they may be lost. Always keep a copy of your assignment; 8) As per Arts & Science policy (see §3.3.2 in the Academic Handbook), if you miss an in-class quiz or test, you must contact your instructor within one week of the announced date to arrange a re-take. In the case of illness, an official U of T Student Medical Certificate signed by a physician must be provided. For all other reasons (e.g., family emergency), you must present a letter from your registrar. If a re-take is scheduled and you fail to attend at the date and time agreed upon, you will receive a grade of ‘0’ except in exceptional circumstances beyond your control; 9) Requests for remarking of any assignment or test must be made in writing. You should indicate the question(s) to be remarked and the justification for your request (e.g., miscalculation of grade). Please bear in mind that, in fairness to all students registered, marks are not negotiable. Requests for any reason unrelated to s
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