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Lecture 3

FCS195H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Romantic Music, Barque, Funeral March

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FCS195 – Lecture 3 11-11-20 8:10 PM
From Romanticism to Balzac
Romanticism was linked to Hugo he discussed what a romantic writer
should be
Romanticism = very expressional music
Frédéric Chopin (1838)
Born and raised in Poland, his father was French
When he is away, a rebellion breaks out in Poland vs. Russia. He chooses to
stay in France because there is no conflict.
Becomes very close to Delacroix (painter)
Becomes known as very important in Romantic music
George Sand was his partner for very long. the painting was done of both
of them by Delacroix but was later split in two and has both halves in
different museums
The revolutionary
Neoclassicism = music is only a piece that is meant to be beautiful
He changes this and uses music to convey human emotions
Recreates chaos i.e. The Revolutionary tries to recreate the war
(opus 10 no 12)
Fragmentary, even abrupt
Schumann: “Chopin’s music is like flowers hiding cannons”
Funeral march (opus 35, no 2)
Somber, sad themes played in a dramatic fashion

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o After the sadness in the song, the music gets better and he
tries to recreate happiness this expresses both happiness
and sadness which are both human emotions
o This song shows a conflict in human emotions i.e. anger,
sadness, happiness
o The song goes more upbeat at one point to try to create a
nostalgic/happy side where we remember the person in a
good light
Sense of nostalgia for what is no more
Desire to express all sides of human experience
Apparently he kept body parts to be able to paint better
The raft of the medusa (1819)
Illustrates what romanticism will try to do in paintings
o Napoleon had banned slavery
o The meduse was a ship going to Africa to try to establish
good relations
o It sank and there were only a few lifeboats who were taken
by rich people
o The poor people made a raft and only 7 survived because
they resorted to cannibalism this was horrifying at the time
This painting shows true human emotions they are
freaking out on the boat i.e. fear, anger, desperation,
There is an axe on the boat to remind us that it was
This painting shows a different kind of hero than the neoclassicist
The boat symbolizes hope
Eugène Delacroix (1837)
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