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Geography and Planning
Matthew Turner

Authenticating Queer Space: Citizenship, Urbanism and Governance David Bell and Jon Binnie Introduction Impact of the new urban order on sexualised spaces in cities. Global cities; to think of urban sexual citizenship and identities theses cities are producing, hosting and attracting. Introduction to Consumer citizenship, and its logic to marketed as attraction to certain residents, visitor and capital. Sexual citizenchip produces certain kinds of sexual spaces, at the expense of others. Sexual citizenship interwoven into urban entrepreneurialism, pride parades; the new homonormativity, producing global gay themed villages and project theses as promotional campaigns. Global Cities and (sexual) citizenship Cities are key sites in struggles over citizenship. A cornerstone of much work on global cities is the emergence there of new identities and class groups: The new cosmopolitan class of professionals and managers; centered on consumption practises; They haver thruned their back on the nation-state (and their interests). More loyal to their profession than citystate. (professional citizens). Other new political identities: insurgent citizenship, promoting new rights claims. (inmigrants, greens, sexual minorities). There is a need for this global cities to act as clomples sites where all kinds of new identities and practices play out. Consumer Citizenship and the City
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