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University of Toronto St. George
Geography and Planning

JGI216 Lecture 4 – industrial landscape change Next week: Midterm outline Participation Day - 1. According to Hilll & Feagin, how the two cities Detrioit & Houston differ in the path of urban growth and decline? Despite such differences, what are similarities between the two? - 2. How do you compare Toronto to Detroit and Houston? Discuss differences and similarities in the industrial structure and urban development. - 3. What are fourth world countries? What are first , second, and third world countries? Manufacturing Video by Edward Butrtynsky - (shipped from America, gm motors) 50% of E-waste goes to china, heat up the boards and tear off all the valued metals but toxic smells is very strong - (very toxic & heavy metals)The whole community is surrounded with e-waste , all age groups - All the heavy metals will go into the streams of the town , it’s gotten to their water table and the water is now contaminated and the town needs water shipped in Urban renewal in Shanghai - Many sites used as sugar pits , huge economic growth in shanghai since 1980’s - Beijing – whole country development due to Olympics - poverty that exist within Beijing with contrasting downtown development, housing conditions was really bad, huge part of the city was under development Industrial landscape , Xiamen city - many factories from corporations is located in china - china engaging with three projects Three Gorges Dam, Hubei Provinces - huge populatio
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