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Geography and Planning
Herbert Kronzucker

November 25, 2010 Changes the way people live... -norms attached to images circulating around the world -urbanism spreading across borders via print, film, disc, telephone, internet, radios, tv, --> the way we think and we perceive -fear attached: this circulation will create uniformity and take away from urban culture --> everyones going to be the same --> cultural imperialism -> all local responses are going to operate in the exact same way -strong communication... inward and otward flows of global cultural network -globalization is actually undermining any cultural diversity --> everyone is going to become the same way 4 different strands: -multitransnational corporation --> promote particular type of consumerism --> standard commodities --> global marketing campaigns -western ideas are emergine --> so persuasive it becomes the norm. implies cultural imperialism. --> 4 places in the world change the whole world... every segment of the culture -rationality... human practices are routinizzed--> heavily controlled --> McDs you go up, order, pack up, take out. way of life. -the US has immense amount of influence and its able to promote its own values and habits, spreading its own ideas around the world through pop culture and news media. -->AMERICANIZATION -easier for people to migrate --> people bring their traditions to new cultural environment and it all mixes --> pluralization of culture. -travel --> things are picked up and mixed with daily lives... and perception www.notesolution.com
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