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University of Toronto St. George
Geography and Planning
Deborah Cowen

Urb Geo PlnPol Lecture Notes Tuesday January 18 2011 Lecture 2 Sancton A 1994 Chapter 1 Municipal Structures and Functions In Governing Canadas CityRegions Adapting Form to Function Montreal The Institute for Research on Public Policy Isin E Governing Cities Without Government In Isin E ed Democracy Citizenship and the Global City London Routledge pp 148168Politics within and beyond city hallAssignment 1Working Groups1 Municipalities a What do they do b How much power do municipalities have c Are they able to achieve their goals govern autonomously shape their own future d Do they have control over their own territory e How have they changed in recent yearsoCreatures of the Provinces o Cities very little power no constitution standing in Canada o OMB has final say on urban planning o GTA provinces can make or dissolve municipal jurisdictions o Provincial controls a majority of the budget o Provincial controls education public health highereducation o The City of Toronto Act 2006 gave the city a whole bunch more power financial management city planningit changed quite a bit but havent seen all the things that will come from it Ie Fredericton City government consists of a council and a mayor have clear territorial boundaries a city hall and a local beaurocracyStanding Committees usually made up of councilors represent longterm issues going to be around for a bunch of years o ie Development Committee Community Services CommitteeSpecial Purpose CommitteesCity councilors are elected from each ward but there are cities were councilors are elected city widethe idea is that thinking more city wide is better for the cityIn Canada we vote for parties not peopleWe have a weak mayor system Mayor Miller did a lot to contest while some powers are augmented we overall have a weak system which means the mayor does not have more power than the city councilors Urb Geo PlnPol Lecture NotesAmerican is strong Mayor systemSpecial Purpose Bodieso Often PPPs o All not elected o People that have stakes in the committees o Big projects o Good example towards advanced liberalism a business model for city politics o They are interesting because of there governanceDepartments City Government Economic Development Transportation Communtiy and Culture Public Safety Environment Urban planning Provincial Authority o The Planning Act legal document that lays out the legal foundations for city planning o Provincial Policy Statement o Official Plan final authority over planningThe Planning Profession is increasingly done my consultants the city has planners but the more interesting work is privatePlanning is often outsourcedCommunity Planning Urban Design Policy and Research transportationThe American CaseBroad differences includeie San Fran o Instead of council they have a Board of Supervisors o a strong mayor system o 3 branches Executive Branchexecutes policyLegislative Branch Board of Supervisors develop policyJudicial Branch Superior Court enforces policies How are municipal governments changing o Downloading o A shuffling from provincial to municipal authority that might not have the budgets to do it o Creates perpetual issuesScaleUrb Geo PlnPol Lecture Notes o Lobbying by big cities for funding for transit and infrastructureThe Charter City Movement bankers real estate people who have a real interest in the power of cities Hamburg berlin citystatessome people are lobbying for Toronto to become a citystateNew Powersie Land Transfer tax and New Drivers o Based on property so thats why we see prices going up o Had to find new means for revenue o The Miller Regime poor choices of things to tax o Ford Dumps tax Municipal Structure Single Tier Two Tier and Amalgamation Key Ideas for this set of readingsRegimes of GovernmentAll of these types of norms congeal and take on an institutionalized form normalized into a stable formation ie welfare state neoliberalSpace change over time norms institutionalize themselves in space and timeRole of knowledge changing forms of expertiseIsin the role that diff types of professions played in different regimes Welfare social workNeoliberal financial accountancyGovernment vs GovernanceGovernance governs broad range formalGovernment shaping our own and others conduct Technologies of PowerA tool an enablerA tool of powerA particular policyA practical termTuesday January 25 2011
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