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Population Geography Lecture- Dec 4.doc

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University of Toronto St. George
Joseph Leydon

Population Geography Lecture December 4, 2012 Changes in Fertility • Changes how we operate within a society • If you’re going to increase fertility, it will have a huge impact of the lives of women in society • Higher fertility rates impact females more than they impact males • As the population ages, it becomes more difficult to increase fertility • Only potential solution to aging process is immigration and targeting immigration at people who will reproduce but eventually they will age and require support so you need a constant flow of immigration Final Exam • Not cumulative • Drug plans and health care are all part of the aging process reform. The problem with changing the social security system is that we have become all confused that we think its our right and people argue that its our right to access health care • Female HIV infections are high because of female poverty. Higher levels of sexual activity and since there is a lot of poverty, many prostitute and therefore expose themselves to more HIV. A lot of females are left without parents due to HIV/AIDS and are therefore left to take care of siblings, family, etc and are forced to prostitute to support them. The social consequences of this are if a young female is the only provider in the family and taking care of siblings, there are more orphans and deprivation taking place. • Grameen Bank: a bottom-up approach and the alternative to that is trickle-down economics [traditio
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