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GGR100H1 Lecture Notes - Time In Canada

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Joseph Leydon

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Population Geography Lecture
November 20, 2012
Population Mobility
Immigration: people arriving in a country
Emigration: people leaving a country
Push and pull factors
oPush: things pushing people towards immigration and
leaving their country
oPull: things pulling people to a certain country
Current trends in immigration/emigration from less developed to
Wealth/development gap
Information/travel opportunity: in the past immigration used to
be a final decision because of the lack of travel opportunities
Most people are immigrating to seek out economic opportunity
which is not always for themselves, but mostly for their children
Immigration Policy
Gets more selective and restrictive over time
In Canada, we select upon age and pick from younger age
groups, second is occupation, third is education, fourth is
language skills- those that can contribute in the labour force.
Those with more education get more points
Immigration as population redistribution, impact on country of origin
and country of destination issues
Population redistribution: doesn’t work based on the way we are
selecting immigrants
Impacts on country of origin: people leaving their countries
leaves serious impacts on the economy- you are losing your
young, most educated population and your most innovative
Labour force/aging population:
Access to labour force, wage levels
Housing and settlement concentration
Correct policy?
Hard for people to get a job because they don’t have Canadian
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