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Jason Hackworth

Lecture 1September 19 2011Cities of Middle America and the CaribbeanIt is growing at a relatively normal level One mega cityMexico citymore than 10 million there are many issues that come along with big cities like the challenges wit sanitation transportation and so onWorld Cityis basicaly measured based on population financial institutions multinational corporations global services and diversityCities of the Caribbena Relatively small cities not much traffic Port Orientation Low rates of industializationrelatively high resource substruction agriculture and some manufacturing High concentrations of rural populations more later on that Palpable legacies of imperialism Current emphases on touris services and offshore banking High rates of informal economic activityany activity that is not in the govt radarex illegal activities that are not taxedCities of Middle AmericaInternally varied urban structure Large old internal highland cities Mexico city Guatemala City San SalvadorTourist areas along the coasts of Mexico costa rica and Panama Industrial towns in northern Mexico The diffference between some cities that are costal and other big regions is that the careabean areas were usually colonized and used as slave base while other cities like Mexico city and so onwere as a military base or main base thats why they were built and many projects were taken place Less of a port emphasis than in the Caribbean Spanish influence of grid surrounding square is more
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