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lecture 3

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University of Toronto St. George
Jason Hackworth

Lecture 3 - October 3 Cities of Europe - European cities are more classic, more older, the archetecture differs - East European countries have the soviet type architecture -------- Total population: 529 Million  Percent urban: 72.4%  Most urbanized countries (excluding microstates):  Belgium  Iceland  United Kingdom  Least urbanized countries:  Albania  Bosnia-Herzegovina  Slovenia  Annual urban growth rate: 0.12%  Three largest cities: London, Paris, Madrid  Cities of more than 1 million: 31 Mostly Europe is urbanized, with exception of some regions. since it varies country by country. Europe is the most urbanized continent. Understanding “region” and “urban” in Europe  Very complicated place  Eastern versus Western Europe (History is very much diverse, The soviet union colonization, many cities in eastern europe have elements of varies palaces that existed in different places. It has to do with the damage that was done during the world war 2,) ( There is more of historical reminder, that are implanted in historical museums, or even outside, the cathedrals, the roads.)  Core versus periphery Important historical moments  Greek then Roman influence  Medieval Europe—lays basis for street patterns, fortifications, and central churches (one of the elements of post rooman empire is that - they became less urban - they were not cities, but they were the centre of the empire, the land network.)  Colonial Europe  First to industrialize; first to deindustrialize ( Some areas were very nasty places to live, one aspect of understanding europe is that it was first to industrialize and first to deindustrlizate, they started to trasnform at a different rate.  WWII (and 1) dest
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