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Lecture 7

lecture 7

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University of Toronto St. George
Jason Hackworth

Cities of Sub-Saharan Africa - This region is not considered as a urbanized region, but more like rural, - SouthAfrica is one of the regions which is more visited and has a tourist growth rate, and economicaly has removed it self from other countries, - sub- saharan africa is known that people do no live in urban cities, and they activities are not associated with urbanization, they do more like coal mining and farmin and so on. - 75% of the housing is self built, vast majority of informal activity - 1 mega city -ALAROKOS - World City - Johannes-burg - NO NEED TO STUDYTHE HISTORICAL SECTIONS - - Sub saharan africa is the location of pre-historical arechology, cities have been built on top of another. - There are number of aspects - rush of colonization - which had eurpean powers controling this region - The belgians and French did not invest much in this countries - They were not left with infrastructure to start the development - in the Post War 2 period, there was rush, a sort of a push towards independence, this had a number of manifestations and variations from country to country. - These powers that tried to gain independence and were succesfully decolonized, they were inheriting the infrastructures - Partially because of the number of strongmen and dictators emerged, who did not spend the countreis great resources and aid towards the country - Neither manfiest or investment in the cities, was done, as opposed to the other contries, - during the colonial and post colonial era,- many were left with independence witouth any infrastructure, many of these coutnries were at their FAULT, they did not allow other countries, or mulitinational corportations to invest in the country - there has been a great a rate of inequality, poverty and it is very detached , - it is a region of struggle of political and economical development URBAN FORM and STRUCTURE - these areas of the city tend to be relatively to the bussiness district, - home to middle class through indepenednce movments - there is a great deal of segregation - it is important to note, that the template of the segragation was built brutally - many people were disallowed to enter the city, and lived in settlement that provided service to the colonial leaders. or watever, ** - the other element is that there is a great deal of informality , in terms of housing, - since de-colonazition there has been move from rural coutnry side to the cities, - great informal economy exists in this region, (farming, mining) - compare to other regions of the world, there is a less kind of a industralization, its just so narrowed, not much transition occurred in this region, - their industry or manufacturing is less prounounced in this region, compare to other parts of the world LARGE CITIES IN SSA - Urban primacy is an issue nd - most countriies display this idea, by the idea of largest sity being twice the size of the 2 largest city - the cities that are built around the ports, and coastal regions, - in essnece they were oriented around coast, where there was a great deal of variation and port orientaion that formed because of this. (meaning colonizers wuld come take the resources and l
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