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Lecture 9

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Andrew Kaufman

GGRA03 Lecture 9 13/03/12 The Incineration solution - As many landfills started to get full in the 1990s, a garbage crisis emerged - Iluge opposition to new landfills - A major response was the building of incinerators to burn garbage - Especially in Europe and Japan burning garbage to produce electricity is widely used - Problems with incinerators including air pollution—dioxins and furans - Ilightly toxic ashes left over - Incinerators discourge recycling programs, as they need a constant waste stream o Environmentalists against building incinerators o Most plastics are now designed so that they can be reused and recycled o Your produce more heat when you burn the plastics Main reasons for opposition - Potential for contaminating groundwater - Potential contamination of surface water - Untested design—hydraulic trap containment o Water will flow in, leachate will be pumped out, treated, and dumped in nearby river - Toxins may bio-accumulate in surrounding areas - Negative effects on local businesses such as tourism and farming - Cheap landfill reduces incentives for waste reduction and recycling - Impossible to know long term risks - Native land rights The storm continues - 1990s metro Toronto selects the Adams Mine as its top choice - Local opposition is intense and Toronto environmentalists also opposed it End of Mega dump - A major reason many groups opposed the Adams mine was that it would allow cheap dumping to continue for many decade
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