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by the end of the 19th century a capitalist urban society centered on industrial relations and driven by the manufacture of commodities was firmly in place in Canada and the United states. how did this come about? concert about huge amount of resource, the large facility and a large scale of urbanization. the life is create by the sort of process. structure- capitalist industrialization and industrial change: new political economy; capitalist industrialization and urban change:new urban society. to look at the both society. what is going on in the city. what is the board economy system 7 elements for the political economy new political economy 1: new technologies and economic sectors new technologies(power, process and product) and industrial sectors (textiles, machine tools, steel, chemical) drive and shape the character of capital accumulation. the key one in the 20the century: power and eletercity. new machine. all types of machines change the world. rubber is a new product in 19th century. it creates steel in low price, the important to the new world after 1850s. the chemical industry, steel, important and key motive for the world. new political economy 2: capitalist financial sector, from the 1820s the development of banks and other financial institutions both lubricated and drove the rapidly, expanding industrial economy. new york became the key financial sector and metero new political economy 3: agricultural change, agriculture is made into an industrial activity and , as such, reinforces industrial development , city have more people, how do you feed people without produce food. large scale agricultural system, more space compared to before. a great agriculture land. improve tool and machine, before quantity, improve farming technique and science. helps farmer for better and less. one is increase in food and supply. as productivity increase, no man and woman has work in the farm, hence they moved to the city in the second half of the 19th century. new political economy 4: communication and transportation technologies these reduce cost and time of movement and information, and revolutionize urban relations , the increase in connection, the flow for capital and idea. the flow of material to one place to another ,the faster of information flow is better. the buffalo and new york city, new political economy 5: communication technologies two key 19th century innovation, railroads and the telegraph , the wide connection in the righe east side. the concentration , the key for 1890 for the urbanization factor and connect the major four and makes US connected to the world; the telegraph(???) is more revolution with the computer. it bought people closer and shorter time for communicate; first one across the oversea. new political economy 6: communication technology the effect of these technologies is “time compression”. thai is tech
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