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Lecture 12

Lecture 12 notes

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Joseph Leydon

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GGR323 - Population Mobility
- living counter-productive lifestyle
- poor diet, lack of physical activity, etc
- increasing urbanization, sedentary occupations
population redistribution
- relieving population pressures by moving population elsewhere
- immigrants:
- typically younger
- relatively wealthy
- certain levels of education and skill
- people in higher class, have initiative, etc
- removing leaders of society from developing country - counter-productive
- remittances - money not used in process of development, but more in consumption
- give rise to increase in standard of living without producing benefits
- system of dependency
aging population, population decline
- primary mechanism - maintain population number
- need people to support labour force
- immigration policies becoming more restricted and selective
- cultural and ethic areas (suburban) are more popular - higher levels of cultural isolation
- impact assimilation - less likely to take place
- family decline
- economic increase
- immigration policy more selective
- majority of immigrants fall in labour force age group
immigration policy
- most problems lie in process of selection
- using education as proxy for skills
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