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Lecture 13

Lecture 13 notes

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Fall 2010

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Joseph Leydon

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GGR323 - Aging aging - a global phenomena - change balance of population substantially - mostly in developing countries - no resources to deal with process of aging - family structures being destroyed - smaller families dealing with large aging population age > 65 - relatively small age cohort, therefore smaller proportion of population but still significant - begin to experience population decline aging & population decline in developed world - level of economic liability change structure of families - standard size between 2-3 children - not replacing the population - role of females - changed from being primary child bearer to a wider role in society - has an impact on family and society - impact on career development - changing family structures - greater number of single parent families, families that choose not to have children, etc - change in family structure more acceptable nowadays - increasing life expectancy - constantly improve medical technology, therefore increase age of expectancy - all combine to produce aging phenomenon - declined number of births - education required to move into labour force - birth of first child- mid 30s - children has a sense of entitlement - more spoiled, increases cost of child, less likely to have more children - long term effects - increasing age cohorts are over age of 40 - constant immigration and significant age increase as well consequences & concerns
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