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Jan 25, 2012 - LEC 3

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Patrick Vitale

Historical Geog LEC 3Jan 25 2012Lecture III Industrialization and Guns Shoes MeatSteel1 How did industrialization transform cities work and everyday life in NA 2 How did industry reshape space in order to transform production processesIndustrialization required 4 things 1 Labour Force as in a population sufficient enough to create build and sustain such a process 2 Poweras in animal power human power hydro power etc However Steam Engine and the use of Coal were the most important power as it allowed for manufacturing to occur anywhere it freed up the geography of production away from just coastal cities Capitalist Industrialization version 1 The Rise of the CorporationAlfred ChandlerCorporation is necessaryKey elements of corp 1 Large Labour Force 2 Complex Internal Structure 3 LargeScale Workplace 4 Capital Intensivethere is a lot of investment into the built environment According to chandler 2 big advantages of mass production and corporation 1 Economies of scale Cost advantages gained by large scales production 2 Economies of scope cost advantages gained by performing multiple activities In other words one can produce more and earn more money AND more efficiently as one divides production among thousands of people instead of one or a few Furthermore in the scope Corporations could have the opportunity to make more than one product For example in a steel company they already have iron to make steel so they may as well sell iron AND steelThey were able to capture an entire industry within their ability instead of just contributing a product OF an industry Instead of making a stove make the whole kitchen Problems with Chandlers argument Fallacyof composition Skewed toward analysis of corps only Assumption of homogeneity the assumption that everything becomes a corporationAssumption of rationality that we all would accept this structure as rational beings in a rational economy Functional Everything is mapped out ab bc etcCapital Industrialization Version 2 Production Pathways ModelPhilip ScrantonCritique of ChandlerSpecialist Custombatch Routinized bulkmass
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