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Historical Geog LEC 4: FEB 1, 2012

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University of Toronto St. George
Patrick Vitale

Historical Geography LEC 4 Feb 1 2012Lecture 3 contIron The Craftsmens Empire Specifically discusses Pittsburgh Puddler was key figure before mechanizationhe was slow and production was affected because of this if one could mechanize his job or disperse it over a great many people than production would increase tenfold This is exactly what happened Puddler also was a managerial figure who slowed down production as a result of his power in the factory and politically He also had to be paid a significant amount perhaps much more than the owner wanted to shell out but had no choicePremech production required skilled workers artisans etc to produce qualityproduct another reason for seeking mechanization in order to open up the labor force to unskilled laborers as well who could be paid lessCity was built around factory production Factory would be right next to grocery store but everything is jumbled together There was no factory district there was a factory city This all changed with the advent of Andrew Parneghi and Steel He mechanized the industry and eliminated the puddler and many of the other problems associated with the iron industry Steel was also far superior to basic iron Steel was used for buildings railroads and the armor for ships In other words helped build the countryOwners of steel mills really dominated the city social spectrum especially politically as they paid the most taxes among other things such as providing the citys backbone industryThe Steel mill was designed to be efficient and produce as much steel as once The Vecimer furnace replaced the need for the puddler as it essentially did exactly what he did and far more productively A dozen men could now produce as much rolled steel in a day in 1900 as a dozen could produce in a YEAR in 1850Similar to the meat industrythere is a move from unskilled to skilled labor Anyone can do the job Opens the labor market up entirely craftsmen are no longer neededHolmstead Workskey factory just outside of Pittsburgh The owners like Carneghi have massive profit so they begin to in a Harvian manner produce the city to benefit their industry Building in order to
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