I have compiled 3 lecture notes: Cities of South America, Russia and the Greater Middle East

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Cities of Russia
1.Moscow- sprawling density.
2.Refers to one country with many sub-regions with distinguished characteristics.
3.Only in Moscow, the population is over 10 million.
Important Themes
Russia as a 'Region'
4.Geographical similarity and variation.
5.Many different national origins.
6.Aspects of the urban environment very well planned.
7.Mid 20th century - everything centrally planned in Moscow.
8.Urban sub-regions : "European" Russia, Far East, Central Russia and Siberia.
9.Relationship that the cities, Moscow and St Petersburg have with Europe. Both located in the "European"
Russia region of Russia.
10.Far East seems disconnected from Russia as it is too far from the main cities. The region has lost
tremendous population lost. A great deal of tension still exists in this area.
Important Historical Moments
11.Initial early Slavic settlement activity around Kiev, now known as Ukraine.
12.Cities usually located next to the rivers and the Kremlin.
13.Moscow tends to be city building centred on Kremlin and river as well as radial, the shape rooted to be
defensive purposes.
14.City of St Petersburg, became the capital of Russia in the early 18th century. Had a nationalistic confident,
a place with a great of effort to make it more hospitable.
15.Moscow was the newly created city. It was/is more important to the world.
16.Moscow and St Petersburg are 2 contrasting cities.
17.Moscow inward focused.
18.Soviet union tried to look more inward in terms of military, economic power.
19.Tried to change the name of St Petersburg to ........(Lenin?)
20.Transition to coming up with a system in which a market would exist was very hard.
Population Shifts
21.Economic changes - new industrialization - centralized to a market economy. Segment of cities were
depending on a single type of industry.
22.People on the street in Moscow has increased. Wealthy segment for a small group. Moscow is one of the
most expensive cities in the world.
23.In Russian context, people moving back to small towns and country side. One of the reasons is because
Moscow is expensive.
24.Russia - centrally planned or unevenness? Different urban historical trajectory.
Urban form/Structure
25.Russian cities are palimpsest.
26.Density was not always downtown.
27.Gentrification - wealthier start to populate the central core.
28.Moscow - highest living cost in the world.
29.Great deal of polarization.
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