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University of Toronto St. George
Joseph Leydon

Global Cities Lecture October 1, 2012 Cities of the Greater Middle East • Defining the greater middle east isn’t easy • Include western Asia and parts of north Africa • Defining this term has very Eurocentric view • Used to be known as the near east • Eurocentric: how Europe defines and comes to see of this part of the world • Birthplace of Christianity, Judaism and islam; allows for cultural diversity • Islam and other relgiions have played a role in shaping this location • If you look at a world map, you find the middle east centered esp back in the day by European cartographers Origins of the middle east • Neolithic period [last part of the stone age and beginning of human civilization] Cities of Mesopotamia [Iraq] • Included Ur, Uruk, Kish • This area is also known as land between the rivers • These areas transformed into urban areas by the 4 millennium BC • Ancient lands of babylonia could be found in southern lands of Mesopotamia • Religious significance to Babylon “the gate of gods”; there have been many political efforts to restore Babylon Cities of Palestine and Turkey • Turkey: Catal Hoyuk • Palestine: ancient Jericho [Isreal] o Dates back to 9 millennium BC Historical periods of cities • Earliest empires of the world arose in the middle east region; occurred between mediterrenean and iran and played a role in urban development • Hellenistic city: helped to produce the Hellenistic city • Roman empire: allowed for the promotion of trading both goods and ideas • Islamic cities: can be defined by mosques, universities, etc. built on notions that a city had to have honest trade and built on tolerance and justice • Ottoman empire: Islamic cities still played a significant rol
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