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Issues in Population Geography- Sept 18.doc

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Joseph Leydon

Issues in Population Geography September 18, 2012 Population growth • Shock factor to give people an awareness of the rapid population growth Population indices • Crude birth rate/crude death rates- per 1000 population [to compare between large and small countries; standardization] o Geographic patterns and influences and what conclusions we can draw from the data o Low levels of economic development correlate with a high birth rate • Geographic patterns- birth rates- influences o Economic structure: relationship between family size and economic stability [agricultural economies usually have more children] o Social structure- social programs like nursing homes; the more kids a family has, the more that can support the parents when they grow older o Cost of children- if it is more expensive to have kids, then people have less of them; spoiling children [internet, tv, etc] o Role of women in society: if the role of the woman is as a caregiver or wife, it usually creates larger families because they don’t really have many options. In countries like Canada, the options are greater because of higher levels of education and more options in the labour force • Geographic patterns- death rates-influences o Economic conditions o Social conditions: people may be able to live longer because of social programs which allow them to exceed the life expectancy • Natural increase o Difference between CBR and CDR and is always meas
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