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Sarah Wakefield

Understanding AgriEcosystems Sept 3011 Agriculture VS Agriecosystem Agriculture active production of useful plantsanimals in ecosystems that have beencreated by people what we do so we can feed ourselves Agriecosystem supports and allows the practice to take place ecological socioeconomic system comprimising domesticated plants andor animals Difference Agriculture is the practice agriecosystem is the system used to sustain ourselvesKeypoints of Ch3 agriecosystems are relatively open humanmodified systems less diverse than other ecosystems ie tree farms are less diverse than a forest since they are more controlled physical environment is fundamental to agriculture BUT economic sociocultural and other factors are important in explaining farming systems cant grow food without the environmentPreand ProtoAgriculture Hunter GatheringNot all about gathering need to cultivate it a bit eg Make sure trees dont grow where there are edible plants agriculture involved spread the seeds around eat apple throw the core somewhere elseNo incentive for hunters to have stuff since they move where the food isMost productive agriculture areas arent the centres of origin of food production because of the climate and use of the land soil has been used up due to history of cultivation physical environment eg Southern California very dry but fruit basket of US gets irrigated alotTraditional Agriculture
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