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th Tuesday May 14 - Geo Lecture One Using food as a lens to understand people- the way we’ve grown and experienced food as a new thing. There is a linear idea of the food system. The things that come from outside the system (politics, economic factors) affect the process. When we evoke the concept of a system, it demands that we consider those elements as more than just a chain of events, but as a system and the interconnection of those elements. The connections are made, constructed, by people. With the concept of a spider-web to explain the system, the whole entity is only as strong as it’s weakest point. The strong strands can strengthen the web as a whole, but the weak can damage it entirely. Domestication of agriculture, we really begin to tame and shape nature. There was a surplus production of food, which gave people more time to do things that would have been used to gather food. A shift, described as one of the biggest changes in food history. Globalization really began with the need, in Britain, to feed the poor. The farm became more like a factory and adopted that Fordist model. A system based on mass production, succeeded by creating more food than needed. We spend less of our budgets on food than lots of places. We are producing more food than we need. We can distinguish corporate logos
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