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Lecture 2

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Environment, Food, People Lecture #2 September 28, 2012 King Corn Review: • lost diversity in the corn we grow • farmers are only allowed to grow one kind • we don’t really know whats in our food • corn isn’t everything Lecture: Knowledge is shared through the process of theories (ideas) and observations (facts). • We are impacted by ontology and epistemology (what we think knowledge is). • Epistemology- some would look at the world with measurement and observation, but others would discuss how the world can’t be measured, human beings are too complex • Knowledge can often be created in the form of criticism or stereotypes • the “Two-Axis Political World”- every teacher/prof will always sit on this chart ◦ important in analyzing information and critical thinking ◦ left= communism, right= liberalization ◦ authoritarian= organized, people in charge ◦ libertarian= freedom, no guidelines • • Values are influenced by ideas and facts as well as vice versa. If you’re not influenced by the facts, you’re not thinking • Think about where the knowledge is coming from= critical thinking, separate the real facts from the unrelated facts or attempts at confusion • Raj Patel- writer in the world, food, climate change, ect. • Ane Rand- important theorist of our time, very opinionated • Poll taken in NorthAmerica asked: “Do you think human activity is a significant contributing factor in changing mean global temperatures?” ◦ Climatologists who are active publishers in the field had the highest percentage of ‘yes’ ◦ General public had the least ‘yes’, and the highest ‘no’ How to Think Critically: 1. Attitude 2. Pitfall 3. Identify Arguments
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