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Environment, Food, and People 3 (and some of 4) October 5th, 2012 UnderstandingAgri-Ecosystems CONSTRAINTS ONAGRICULTURE: 1. temperature - plants generally have a difficult time surviving in cold climates 2. access to solar energy for photosynthesis (photo period, shading) • both above relate to Earth’s orbital position ◦ example: in the arctic there isn't much sunlight - Image #2: The Carbon Cycle- key aspects are the relationship between organisms and photosynthesis (essentially the photosynthesis keeps us alive: we eat plants which uses the suns energy to live, we eat animals that eat plants which went through this process as well) 1. water- Image #3 assessed a picture of the water cycle: • we only have the water that already exists on Earth • water never leaves the cycle • the quality of water depends on which part of the cycle its in (example: we cannot drink ocean water because salt water will kill us) 2. soil characteristics- a process in which organic material is integrated into the disintegrating rock. Image #4: soil process chart illustrating the transition from bedrock to organic slightly decomposed material • the deeper you go, the tougher the ground is; the soil on top is the most nutrient ◦ disturbance in soil (such as building a house) makes it not fertile and it becomes difficult for people to enrich their lawns Soil Formation: - the one inch of soil takes approximately 500 years (much variation!) - underlying rock id broken down through physical, chemical, or biological weathering • Factors: climate, organisms, topographical relief, parent material, time. ◦ Soil Texture Image #5: how can you tell if soil is good? ■ moisture, colour, texture, material (smell) • SoilAcidity: some plants such as blueberries and rice prefer grow in high acidic soil (this is an adaptation over time they have adapted to the environments they ge
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