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University of Toronto St. George

th June 6 , 2013 Lecture 8 King Corn’s Key Claims • Industrialization of corn has almost eliminated small farms, which are being replaced by large industrial farms • Decisions relating to what and how crops are grown are based on economics (not environment or social considerations) • Industrial corn (HFCS/animal feed/additives) has been detrimental to the health of humans and animals (also to the environment and our society) Lecture about Food Security and Health (at Community Health Centers) Social Determinants of Health • Education • Income • Gender • Food security • Immigration • Employment • Housing • Race • Disability Social Determinants of Health Lens Nutrition • Food security- whether you have access to healthy and affordable foods. • Income- biggest determinant- corresponds in a linear fashion to your health. If you have the money, you can buy all the organic, healthy stuff you can buy. • Housing- in TO there’s not very many affordable housing. Rent is the first thing of importance, then the phone bill and what’s left over is for food. • Employment- Time to cook and shop is a problem for many • Education Ways Community Health Centers help (On the Micro Level) • Community kitchen • Emergency food pantries • Perinatal nutrition programs- preventative programming. Research has found that babies born with a low birth rate are at risk for the rest of their lives for a whole run of diseases. If a mom is malnourished during pregnancy, the baby experiences that as being in a famine. Their metabolism changes so that they will hold on to calories more and later in life can develop obesity. This program gives support to stop this problem before it happens • Community gardens • Good food box- they bring healthy food into urban neighborhoods to make access easier • Markets • Diabetes team • Farm trips • Student nutrition programs Macro Level • Advocating for better social assistance rates- Ontario works • Area specific food agency organizing • GTA CHC Food Security Network • Civic engagement- working with people around election time Summary of CHC Lecture • CHC use a social determinants of health model to look at health issues • Food security and nutrition are tied together • Attempts to get individuals to change habits often fail unless there is a policy and political will to address issues If hospitals have to cut a budget, food goes first. Not many places put food first. Food banks often only have unhealthy foods, not fresh fruits, so people will take what they can get. They just provide what they can afford to give. Consuming Food Part 1: Food Security and Nutrition Definitions Health: A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not just the absence of disease or infirmity (World Health Organization) Nutrition: The taking in and use of food a
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