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Joseph Leydon

Lecture 3 Soild degradation is not the same in all areas The greater the pressue on the land in the need to feed the people the more degradation you see Canda doesnt have soilagriculture which is why there is less soil degradation Anywhere that is green on the map is not suitable for agriculture In a tropical area it is very hard to do farming You have to ertilize you have to malsh in the tropics Soil salinization is a huge problem for areas that need to be arigated What happens to plants that are growing?they get dehydrated and die if there is salts in the sand the romans salted the soil so that they couldnt grow food In some areas this is a huge problem when fresh water is being used for irrgation Climate change There is some benfits of climate change such as longer growing sesason but in more areas you are seeing more bad results=plants are experiencing drought and cannot handle extreme heat At this point its to late to stop climate change=temperature change The question is how much If temp is increased more than 3 degrees planet will have trouble producing food for our world Lecutrue 4 Agriculture is huge You can see it from space Whats the diff between cultivation and agriculture=? Cultivating is plants agriculture is plants and animals plants crops, planting them on purpose to grow food Agricultre=free rein and cows and stuff like that There is a huge part of the world that cannot be used for cultiva
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