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The Changing Countryside

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Sarah Wakefield

GGR107 Lecture 11 The Changing Countryside What is RuralUrban rural wildernessRural perceived to have less population and landbuilding relationshipReality of rural is different in different locations o Canada vs UK which is densely populated What is RuralFunctionalist approach o Properties agriculture greenhousesCritical economy approach o Where they are situated in global economy o Increased pesticide fertilizerSocial construction approach o Idea rural is created by ppl who live there and dont live there photo of ruralFunctionalist approach o Landscape is organized in a particular way to perform certain functions Critical economy approach o Consider why there are certain things happening in rural environment in relation to globalbroader structures o Consider why that building is so run down o Consider what happened to the farmer possible strugglesSocial construction approach o Consider what the setting means o Remote peace quiet close family ties calming o hard work vs leisurely drives around the countryside for scenery Role of AgricultureEmploys 14Produces 13 trade surplusOnly 5 Canadas land base available King CornHow does the clip relate to rural issuesHow does livingfarming in rural create a sustainable future
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