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Lecture 1History of Food SystemWW2 lead to increased food availabilty conquest for healthy strong bodiesIndustrialization centralization technology replacing animal and human worktankstractors farmsfactories war chemicalsagricultural chemicalsfertilizers replace manureResult decreased amount of household income spent on foodNegative externality of increased health care costsImpacts of Modern Food SystemSocial Justice social and material in equality16 in the world are malnourished and overweightFood bank reliance doubled in CanadaEnvironment Human and ecological systems and biodiversity60 greenhouse gases due to industrial farmsCommunity Health eco and social conditions that shape individual and community healthoverweightDemocracy Public Participation and decision making80 of retail market of food controlled by 4 compantiesbig companies taking all farmers profitsdeforestation loss of small farmsCarolyn SteeleHow Food Shapes our Cities VideoThe expansion of cites is drawing us and the way food is produced farther from nature Food is wasted or made into an unsustainable diet We must reconnect with the natural worldworld is shaped by foodRoman colonizationdiscovery of grain to support perm settlementsfood distribution centreswater transportbig cities physically shaped by food food routes are maintainedfood can affect world organizationcitopiawhen everything is urbanized relocation relocation of foodwe eat more meat more natural land gets built upNOW food no longer social now anonymous food no longer valued or trustedWhat are we going to do about itThomas Mooreeveryone farming out of backyardGarden Citiescities joined by railway cities look after countrysidefood should relate to familes and be socialreconnect to natureTurning the Tables ArticleShould Canada have a National Food PolicyDiet related chronic disease has caused an increase in health care costs 23 of total health care costs in CanadaWe pay for food 3x 1 subsidize farms 2 the retailer 3 healthcarePeoples Food Policy Project Current Agriculture System is squeezing nutrition out of food and profits out of farmerswant environmentally sustainable foodwant to create a food policy at local levels relocalizing the food systemlocal agricultureless exports and importsneed to improve public rates of obesity and health current economic policies that create our food system has led to obesity and a diabetes epidemic in almost every age groupwe subsidize soy and corn and not vegetables highly caloricFarm Subsidies food processing industry subsidiesLoss of small farmers to industrial farmers will lead to even more industrialized imported foodImprove Public Good by
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